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BrowserLanguageRedirect 5.x Properties.

Compatible to NOF 4.x and 5.x

Version 5.11

Released: 22.05.00.

BrowserLanguageRedirect 4.10




  • Wizard

Select this property to launch the Wizard with a specified START screen. The Wizard is divided into separate tabs to keep the component property-sections arranged in a logical manner.  The Wizard can then be launched from the tab of your choice.

  • Function-Name :

Here you enter the name for the JavaScript function. The name will be used to call the function. The name must be unique for this page. You will need this name when choosing to call the function manually. When left empty, a default-name will be used.

  • Call-Type :

Choose how to call the function : automatically or manually.

  • Use in Frames :

With this property you choose if you want to link to Autoframe-pages. In this case and according to the entered link target some NOF-Autoframe- specific things will be generated.

  • Link Target :

Here you enter the name for the frame or window where the resulting page will be displayed.

  • xxx Br. :

This link will be used if you have a browser in the language xxx.

  • Other Languages than Sel. :

This link will be used if your browser-language is different from the languages you have entered links above.

  • No Netscape- Browser :

This link will be used if the user donít have an Netscape-browser.

  • Use Custom-HTML

Select this option if you want to use the custom HTML entered in the component Wizard. This option is available without having to launch the Wizard first!





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