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PictureChanger 3.x Properties.

Compatible to NOF 2.x, 3.x and NAS 3.x and 2000

Version 3.51

Released: 29.02.00.

PictureChanger 3.50




  • Change Image :

Here you set after which technique the images will be changed. Time-based after a specified time or only onece when the Page will be loaded.

  • Set Time (sec.) :
    (required for Time-based)

Here you set the time in seconds after which the image will be changed. This property is only available when you use the Time-based image changing.

  • Counter Type :

Here you choose the order in which the images will be displayed : Random or the same order like in the component.

  • Preload Images :

Do you want to preload all images when the page is loaded ?

  • Use in Autoframes ?

With this property you choose if you want to link to Autoframe-pages. In this case and according to the entered link target some NOF-Autoframe- specific things will be generated.

  • Link Target :

Here you enter the name for the frame or window where the resulting page will be displayed.

  • Image Name :

Here you enter a name with wich this graphic is referenced internally. If left empty a default name is used. With this name you can use this graphic as a DynamicPicture 2-Target.

  • Alternative Text :

Here you enter alternative-text which will be displayed if the browser isnít able to load the graphic or if the mousepointer is over the picture.

  • Border Width :

Here you enter the size of the border which will displayed around the graphic. The default value is 0 (no border).

  • Image Source :

With this property you choose where the images are located  locally or remotely. When changing this property all Images are removed and have to reentered with the new source.

  • Number of Images :

Here you choose the number of images you want to see.

  • Image x :

Here you browse to the image you want to use for this component.

  • Link x :

Here you insert the URL which will be shown when the user clicks on this image.

  • Stop Rotate on Click

Should the banner-rotation stop when the banner is clicked ? This option is usefull when the banner is placed in an other frame then the content.





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