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ScriptCaller 5.x Properties.

Compatible to NOF 4.x and 5.x

Version 5.11

Released: 05.07.00.

ScriptCaller 4.10




  • Wizard

Select this property to launch the Wizard with a specified START screen. The Wizard is divided into separate tabs to keep the component property-sections arranged in a logical manner.  The Wizard can then be launched from the tab of your choice.

  • Function-List :

Displays a list of all known Function-Names. These are the functions that are inserted by Apollon Script-Components. You can select a Function-Name from this list, or you can enter another name in the next property.

  • Function-Name :

Name of Function to call. Enter the Function-Name without brackets.

  • Parameter on Call :

Here you can enter the parameters you need when calling the function. This text will be inserted between the brackets when the function is called. If you have to use Strings, use single-quotes (not double-quotes).

  • Def. in Frame :

When you use Frames, youíll need to enter the frame-name in which the function is defined.

  • Insert Element :

Here you choose if you want to insert an Image, a Button or normal text to call the function.

  • Call On :

Here you choose when the function is called. The Mouse-Over and Mouse-Out options are not available for Buttons.

  • Image :

Select the path to the image you want to use.

  • Image-Name :

Here, you enter a name for the image, which is unique to this page. The name can be used to access the pictures internally, or it can instead be used as a target.

  • Alternative Text :

Here you enter alternative text. This text will be shown if the browser isnít able to load the picture or the mouse is over the picture.

  • Border Width :

Here you enter the size of the border which will displayed around the graphic. The default value is 0 (no border).

  • Use Custom-HTML

Select this option if you want to use the custom HTML entered in the component Wizard. This option is available without having to launch the Wizard first!

  • Image-Alignment :

Here you choose the alignment for the image. You will NOT see the choosen alignment in page-view unless you modify the settings at the Align-Tab of the Property-Window too.

  • Button-Text :
    (req. for Button)

Here you enter the Text that should appear on the inserted Button needed when using an button to call the function.

  • Insert FORM-Tags :

Do you want to insert FORM-Tags for the button too ?

  • Text :
    (req. for Text)

When using plain text to insert enter this text here.

  • Set Statusbar-Text :

Do you want to set an Statusbartext to be shown in the Statusbar when the mouse is over the Image or Text ?

  • Statusbar-Text :

Enter the Statusbartext here.

  • Hide JavaScript-Call :

When this property is set to Yes the Link to the function will not be shown in the statusbar.





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