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SiteProtector 3.x Properties.

Compatible to NOF 2.x, 3.x and NAS 3.x and 2000

Version 3.52

Released: 22.05.00.

SiteProtector 3.50

SiteProtector AntiBookmarker 3.50




  • Function-Name :

Here you enter the name for the JavaScript function. The name will be used to call the function. The name must be unique for this page. You will need this name when choosing to call the function manually. When left empty, a default-name will be used.

  • Call-Type :

Choose how to call the function : automatically or manually.

  • Use in Autoframes ? :

With this property you choose if you want to link to Autoframe-pages. In this case and according to the entered link target some NOF-Autoframe- specific things will be generated.

  • Link Target :

Here you enter the name for the frame or window where the resulting page will be displayed.

  • Prompt-Message :

This message will be shown in the Messagebox where the user have to insert the password.

  • Try-Again- Message :

This message will be shown when the user has inserted a wrong password. The user can try again.

  • Access-Denied Page :

Here you set the ‘Access-Denied’-Page. When left empty the last visited page will be used. If there is NO last page in the history the actual page is used !!

  • Number of Try’s :

Here you choose the allowed number of trys.

  • Anti-Bookmarking :

Here you can select the Anti-Bookmarking technic you want to use.

  • Number of Pages :

Here you choose the number of pages to protect.

  • Protected Page x :

Here you choose one of the pages to protect. Empty entries will be ignored.

  • Password x :

Here you enter the password for the page x.

  • Use in NAS ?

When you use this component in NAS please set this property to Yes.

  • Protection-Methode :

Here you have to choose the same protection-methode like in the SiteProtector-component.

  • Cookie-Name :
    (required for Cookie-Protection)

When using the Cookie-Protection methode you have to enter the Cookie-name here. It have to be exact the same name like entered in the SiteProtector component.

  • Remember Login :

Should the Login be remembered or not.

  • Login-Page :

Here you have to choose the login-page. When the validation fails the user is redirected to this page.





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