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InsertMETA 5.x Properties.

Compatible to NOF 4.x and 5.x

Version 5.11

Released: 29.02.00.

InsertMETA 4.10




  • Wizard

Select this property to launch the Wizard with a specified START screen. The Wizard is divided into separate tabs to keep the component property-sections arranged in a logical manner.  The Wizard can then be launched from the tab of your choice.

  • Author :

Here you enter the name of the author of the page.

  • Description :

Here you enter a short description of the page. This text is used by most search-engines.

  • Key Words :

Here you enter keywords that describe the page..Keywords are seperated by colons. This text is used by most search-engines.

  • Country :

Your country ...

  • Organization-Email :

Information-Email of you or your organization.

  • Copyright :

Copyright of the site.

  • Coverage :


  • Creation Date :

Date of site-creation.

  • Revisit After :

The searchengine will revisit your site after this time-period.

  • Creator :

Creator of the site.

  • Title :

Title of the site.

  • Publisher :

Publisher (person, firm, organization ...)

  • Identifier (e.g. URL) :

a unique identification of your site. Mostly the URL.

  • Language :

Language of your site.

  • Robots :

Standard, index, noindex, follow and nofollow. For description look at the datasheet or in the readme-file.

  • Expires :

Here you enter a timepoint when the page-context expires. A value of 0 means that the page is loaded fresh from the server EVERY time and not from an internet cache server. You can also use a date constructed with JavaScript.

  • Refresh Time :
    (required for
    Refresh URL)

Here you enter the time that the browser waits until it loads the page given in “Refresh URL”. When using 0, the new page will be loaded immediately.

  • Refresh URL :
    (required for Refresh-Time)

Here you enter the URL of the page to which the user will be redirected.

  • MIME/Charset :

Here you can set a special character-set or MIME-type for the page. This is handled by the browser or web-server..

  • META in Frames ?

Choose if you are using Frames and want to insert the META tags into the frameset file or not.

  • NOD-File :

Here you browse to the NOD file of the actual site. This is used internally.

  • Change Publish-File :

When your frameset-file is not ./index.html you can set here the necessary path- and/or filename to the file (relative to the main-publish- directory) where the TAGs have to be inserted.

  • File-Operations :

With this property you can save and load the MetaSet-informations.

  • Use Custom-HTML

Select this option if you want to use the custom HTML entered in the component Wizard. This option is available without having to launch the Wizard first!





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