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LinkDropDown 5.x Properties.

Compatible to NOF 4.x and 5.x

Version 5.13

Released: 05.07.00.

LinkDropDown 4.10




  • Wizard

Select this property to launch the Wizard with a specified START screen. The Wizard is divided into separate tabs to keep the component property-sections arranged in a logical manner.  The Wizard can then be launched from the tab of your choice.

  • Insert FORM-tags :

Here you choose if FORM tags will be added before and after the DropDown. Choose “No” to use the component inside of a form area.

  • FORM-Name :

Here you can enter a name for the generated form. If left empty a default name is used.

  • DropDown-Name :

Here you enter a name for the generated DropDown-Element. If left empty a default name is used.

  • DropDown-Action :

Which action do you want to produce with the component - None, link to another site or submit the actual form.

  • Button-Type :

When choosing “Automatic”, the browser will go to the new page immediately after a list item is choosen. With “Button”, the user must press the button to go to the selected page. With “Auto & Button” a  combination of both types is used.

  • Use as Submit :

You can use a button or an image as submit-button. Here you choose what you want to use.

  • Button-Text :

Here you enter the text that will be displayed on the button. The button only appears when the Button-Type is set to “Button” or “Auto & Button” and an image is used for submitting..

  • Submit-Image :

Choose the image to use as submit-button here.

  • Image-Align :

In the property you choose which alignment you wish for the submit-image relative to the text and the dropdown.

  • Open Window ?

This property gives you the possibility to choose if a new window will be opened with the link or not.
NOTE : not all browsers make a difference there ! (see readme)

  • Use in Autoframes ?

With this property you choose if you want to link to Autoframe-pages. In this case and according to the entered link target some NOF-Autoframe- specific things will be generated.

  • Link Target :

Here you enter the name for the frame or window where the resulting page will be displayed.

  • Link to Frameset :

When the page where you want to link to have an own frameset you have to set this property to yes.

  • Seperator :

Here you enter the seperator-text. This text will be displayed for list-entries without a link.

  • Select Entry :

Set if you want to enter the Selected-Nr. or let it be choosen automatically based on the pagename.

  • Selected Nr. :

Here you set the list-entry which is selected by default.

  • Insert Operation :

Here you choose what operation you want to perform. You can “append New”, “Insert After” to insert Data or “Delete After” to delete Data.

  • After Index # :
    (required for Operations)

Here you set the index AFTER which you want to insert or delete data.

  • How many ? :
    (required for Operations)

Here you set the number of entries you want to insert or delete.

  • Do it ...

This is “Wait” by default. If you set it to “NOW” the specified operation will be done. After this this property is “Wait” again.

  • Number of Links :

Here you set how many list entries are in the list.

  • Link x :

Here you enter the link for the list entries. Leave this empty to have a seperator without a link.

  • Text x :

Here you enter the text for the link. This text will be displayed in the drop-down-list.

  • Change FONT:

How you would like to change the FONT size for the DropDown component ? Absolute (1-7) or Relative to the actual size (+/-) ?

  • Abs./Rel. Value :
    (required for FONT change)

Here you enter the value with which you want to modify the FONT size.

  • Use Custom-HTML

Select this option if you want to use the custom HTML entered in the component Wizard. This option is available without having to launch the Wizard first!





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