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Apollon News - January 1999.

The newest release of the NetObjects product family is NetObjects Fusion 4.0. This NOF-version has been enhanced with new features and includes a new and improved component-architecture. The Components are more powerful than ever before. Because of this, all components require conversion to this new component-architecture.

Accordingly, I have re-developed all of my components, with enhancements to follow at a later date. For the moment, the components have exactly the same features as found in the 3.x-versions currently available on my site.

You can now download the new components from my download-section as Installers for Windows. These new components are no longer available as ZIP-Files. However, the Installer will detect your NOF4 installation automatically,  conveniently installing the components into the appropriate folders on your system. If you had previously used the BETA versions of the NOF4-Components, please uninstall them before you install these FINAL components! When you restart NOF4, the available Apollon Components will appear in the new Apollon Components Toolbar. The Toolbar can be set to “visible” or “hidden” via the View / Toolbars / Component Tools / Apollon-Components pull-down menu.

When you design new pages in NOF4, you shouldn’t have any problems with the components. However, if you plan to import your NOF3 pages into NOF4, you’ll need to follow a few simple rules. I’ve added a page to the site that describes all of this in detail. A text file description of these rules and/or instructions is also available with each component-download (called NOF3_to_NOF4.txt )! To continue reading about these issues, please go to the NOF3-to-NOF4-Help-Page.

After you have imported or designed a new page in NOF4, I hope you enjoy both the new version of NetObjects Fusion “and” my components! The Apollon Components for NOF4 will be enhanced with new options such as wizards and other helpful features in the near future...




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