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Apollon News - June 15, 1999.

Karlsruhe, Germany, June 15, 1999 ---

The Apollon Project and Ingo Fischer today announced the release of the next-generation of Apollon-Components. All available Components are updated to fix known bugs and enhance them with new features. When using the components in NetObjects Fusion 4.0.1 every component has a wizard to step you through the properties and adds the possibility to insert custom HTML before, after or partly inside the component's code. These are the only components in the world that are available in multiple languages - starting with English and German. This makes it easier for developers using NetObjects Fusion to make great websites, faster and more easily than ever before. With these new features you have the most user-friendly components available - the Next-Generation Apollon Components.

Additionally there are two new components available :

  • ComponentManager 4.00 for NOF 4 : This component is only available for NetObjects Fusion 4.0.1 and manages some overall settings for all components. It currently only changes between the two available languages, but there are more settings to come soon.
  • ScriptCaller 3.50/4.10 for NOF 2,3 and 4 : All of you who ever wanted to call a JavaScript-Function in Netobjects Fusion know how complicated this sometimes is. With this component it is now possible to call your own custom scripts or Component inserted code. The component can insert an image, a button or text to call the function on mouse-click or other events. The component initially was designed to call Script Components, but it can call any function you like.

More new Components will follow soon !

Many existing Components are updated and now have some more features. Some of them are listed below :

  • BrowserPopup 3.50/4.10 : If you have many links to pop up an window you now only need one BrowserPopup component. But for this YOU have to take care of the URL’s alone.
  • BrowserRedirect 3.50/4.10 : The IE5 browser has been added.
  • DynamicPicture 3.50/4.10 : For nearly any image-change operation you can set an delay. With this it is possible to make smooth image-changes.
  • InsertMETA 3.50/4.10 : The parameters can now be saved and re-loaded, so you don't have to re-enter them every time you use the component.
  • PictureChanger 3.50/4.10 : You can choose now if you want to preload all images or not.
  • SiteProtector 3.50/4.10 : The Cookie-AntiBookmarking method now works correctly!

If you still use NOF 4.0, I STRONGLY suggest you update your NetObjects Fusion copy to the latest version 4.0.1a! This Update can be downloaded from the NetObjects homepage.

Additionally the Apollon-Project website has been totally redesigned to be able to meet the growing needs of the Apollon Project allowing you to find answers faster and get much better support and resources.

The Apollon components are the world leaders in high-quality add-on technology for NetObjects Fusion 2, 3 and 4 for FREE.



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