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Who is Apollon?

Mt. RushmoreHello!
My name is Ingo Fischer and Iím the Webmaster of this Site.

In February 99, I finished my education to a mathematical-technical assistant (Mata) in the Researchcenter Karlsruhe.You can visit the Homepages of my friends and the other Mataís here at the Mata-Homepage . Also, I am currently working as a developer for a large German ISP (Schlund & Partner).

In my free-time Iím developing components for the Website-Building-Tool NetObjects Fusion. These Components are totally free  of charge and are available here from my homepage. If you want to have a look at them and/or download them go to my NOF-Components-Page.All Components can be used in all NetObjects Fusion versions and NetObjects Authoring Server 3 and 2000.

My other interests are the Multimedia-artist Jean-Michel Jarre, the Science-Fiction-Series Babylon 5 and other Science-Fiction-Topics.

I suggest using an Internet-Browser which is already in Version 4 to view my site. It is possible that youíll have problems with older Browsers.

If you want to get in contact with me use my e-mail-adress (ingo.fischer@apollon-project.de).



Books for NOF
Find books for NetObjects Fusion here


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