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Apollon News - May 15, 2000.

Karlsruhe, Germany, May 15, 2000 ---

The Apollon Project and Ingo Fischer today announced the release of three new Components for NetObjects Fusion. With these new Components the Apollon-Components now consists of 20 high-quality Components for all available versions of NetObjects Fusion !

The new Components are :

InsertIt 3.50/5.00

With this component you can insert lines of text, text files or redirects on several places into your pages. This component is useful if you want to add the same script to multiple pages, allowing you to maintain a library of script files which are inserted on the pages you want. When changing these script files you affect all pages that use this script file with one publish. The Component-version for NOF 2.x/3.x/NAS is limited because of limitations to the Components in that NOF-Versions, but the Component for NOF 4.x/5.x uses the full power of the component architechture available with a special Publish-Component.

StructureDropDown 3.50/5.00

This component is used to insert Drop Down Lists with Links like the Component LinkDropDown, but it uses the site structure of your NetObjects Fusion site to automatically create the links. Additionally you can manually set links to show before and after the structure links.

StructureHistory 3.50/5.00

This component inserts onto your page, the history of the last few visited pages based on the structure of your NetObjects Fusion site. You can specify the seperators (images or text) between the shown pages and specify which pages you want to link. With this Component you have total control over the way you insert navigation systems into your pages.

The Apollon-Components are the only professional Components that support ALL available versions of NetObjects Fusion. The Component-version 3.x are compatible with NetObjects Fusion 2.x/3.x and NetObjects Authoring Server 3.x/2000 and the version 5.x are compatible to NetObjects Fusion 4.x/5.x).

The Apollon Project, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the world leader in high-quality add-on technology for all available NetObjects Fusion versions without charge.



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