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Apollon Commercial Components.


NON-FREE Components

In this section, you will find information on Commercial-Components.
These are components that fit into one or more of the following categories :

  • Components for commercial Products - components that help when working with special commercial-software. These components are therefore of use only to those who have purchased these software products. Most of these components fall into the next category below, as there is considerable work involved in developing them.
  • Components that are not free - components in this categority are not free, mostly due to the amount of work involved in developing them, and/or because the components have enhanced features. More information will be available when the first components for this category are released.
  • Custom-Components - components created at the request of commercial companies. A selection of these components, along with contact informations for the company concerned, will be made available on my homepage.


Click here to read more about my concept of free and commercial components.



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