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The Apollon Components Concept.

Due to a significant increase in requests for my components by commercial companies and other users, and as more special and enhanced functions are requested, I have decided to change the Apollon Component concept a little.

Components that are of general use to everyone (such as those free components available here) will remain free, for the foreseeable future. New components will be added to the free components available here, as they are completed. The only provision on the use of Apollon free components is that the text inserted into the generated HTML file by the component - `... by Ingo Fischer (http://www.apollon-project.de) - MUST BE left  intact. Anyone wishing to remove the auto-generated text can license the subject free components at a very reasonable cost :

  • for NetObjects Fusion 2.x/3.x/4.x or 5.x Standalone :   $5 - $15
  • for NetObjects Authoring Server Suite 3.x                 :   $15 - $30

Such components are marked as    Apollon-Free-Components

 These offers will soon be available with more details and updated information! If you are interested in more information before the licensing-program commences, please contact me.

Components that have additional features, and/or which require extensive development due to special technical requirements, will not be free. Additionally, components for commercial products will not be free (in most cases).

Commercial companies requiring special components for internal use or for re-selling to customers, should contact me. You will find the rates for Apollon Components very reasonable.

All non-free components are marked as:   NON-FREE Components

 Please direct any questions or suggestions regarding Apollon Components to me by e-mail.





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