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Component History - 2000-2001.


Update INFO:


All Apollon-Components are available for the new NOF MX too and the installers have been updated and are available for download.


Four updated Components are available : BrowserLanguageRedirect now works in IE too and supports the french language, the LinkDropDown- Component now selects the actual page automatically and the SiteProtector can remember an login. Additionally the StructureDropDown-Component let you select the start of the shown structure like an NOF-navbar.


Three new Components available : InsertIt, StructureDropDown and StructureHistory. Additinally the Components PictureChanger, InsertMETA and LinkDropDown have been updated.


All Apollon-Components are available in version 5.x now and are compatible with NetObjects Fusion 4.x and the new NetObjects Fusion 5.x.

History-Informations for 1999 can be found here...



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