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Compatibility Informations.

All in all there are currently six different versions of NetObjects Fusion and NetObjects TeamFusion Client out there. Additionally there are two different Component-Models used by these versions.
The Apollon-Components are compatible to both of them. But this is not possible in one build. So there are two Component-Versions available on the Apollon-Homepage.

Apollon-Components Versions 3.x :

These Component-Versions are compatible to NetObjects Fusion 2.x and 3.x and to the TeamFusion Clients 3.0 and 2000. Because of the fact that the possibilities of Components had been enhanced in NOF 3.x some features may NOT be available when using the Components in NOF 2.x. The same applies for the list of Properties you see for the Components. They may vary too. But all in all, all Component Versions can be used in NOF 2.x too. The other three Component-Versions listed above (NOF 3.x and TeamFusion 3.x and 2000) use exactly the same Component-API ...

Apollon-Components Version 5.x :

These Component-Versions are compatible to NetObjects Fusion 4.x and  NetObjects Fusion 5.x. Since NetObjects Fusion 4.0 the Component-API has changed dramatically to fully support the Java-Environment. Because of this, these Components arn’t compatible to the ‘old’ versions of NetObjects Fusion 2.x/3.x. But when importing an page from an earlier version of NetObjects Fusion all used Components can be converted (infos you can find here).


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