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How to convert your sites from NOF3 to NOF4.

Here on this page you can find information on how to import or convert your existing pages from NetObjects Fusion 3.x to NetObjects Fusion 4.x.

If you don’t use any components (except the Components directly included in NetObjects Fusion 3.x), then there won’t be any conversion issues to deal with. Simply import or open this page in NetObjects Fusion 4.x and everything should work fine.

But when you use third-party-components (like mine, the Coolmaps-Components or other components), then the whole import or conversion-process becomes a bit more complicated. In the next two sections, I’ll describe the process. The first section is for users of “my” components (Apollon-Project), and the second section is for users of “other” third-party-components. If you’re using my components together with other third-party-components, please refer to “BOTH” sections as outlined below.

 Upgrading the Apollon-Components

I’ve developed special versions of my components for use in NOF4.x only. These components are readily available through the many links I’ve provided throughout my site, as are the components for NOF3. You first need to install the components before you can import your pages. All of “my” components (Apollon) included in these pages will be automatically converted to the new components, and will retain most of the existing properties. There are only problems with the DynamicPicture-Component (refer to the next paragraph below). After that, save the page and you can now work with your page as before. If you have already ‘converted’ my components with the technique described in the next section, then it is NOT possible for you to update to the 4.x-components directly. The components in the imported page will remain in the version you had before migrating them! Only newly inserted components will be the new component-versions, and only these will be upgradable to later NOF4-Component-versions. You can contact me with any questions regarding this problem.

The only problem with importing is with the DynamicPicture-Component ! You HAVE TO delete all entered Targets and set the ‘Nr. of Targets’ to zero to import the components. If there is any target at import-time, NOF4 will crash! This is an new (unknown) bug within NOF4. Maybe it will be fixed later if I can find a workaround...
For more special instructions on migrating DynamicPicture-Components please read the upgrade.txt which is included in the DynamicPicture-Installation.

Upgrading Third-Party-Components

If you have used components from other third-party developers or firms where NO special Component-versions for NOF 4 are available, you have to convert (migrate) the components manually from the old format to the new. To do this, you need to collect all .NFX-files from these components, all .CLASS-files (if applicable), and all Images (mostly .gif), and copy them manually into the Components-Subdirectory of NetObjects Fusion 4.0. Then start NOF 4. You will notice that the NOF4-startup takes a bit longer because all of these .NFX-Files are converted to the new  Component-format. After this you have a ‘new’ Component-Toolbar called ‘Components Components’ or ‘Legacy Components’. There is one icon for each migrated component. Now you can import the page with the old components and hope that it’s working..

The ‘problem’ with this whole thing is that you can’t update these components with newer versions or whatever else. Additionally, the migration-process isn’t perfect and will produce or insert possible errors into the migrated components. So, it’s possible that these components may not work correctly.
And please note: When you have installed my NOF4-Components, you don’t need to migrate the old NOF3-components as described in this section. It’s possible that after this, the import-progress converts the components on the pages to the wrong Component-version !!

I hope that I was able to help you a bit !





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