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How to Install Apollon Components.

Installing Apollon-Components on your Computer

All of the components available on this site are provided as an archive in ZIP-format. Because of the long filenames of some components, you have to use an Unzip-program that supports long filenames. I suggest using Winzip (for Windows) and a similar program for the Mac-platform. If you use a program that DOES NOT support long filenames, itís possible that youíll have problems with the component. Please report these problems to me!

You then need to unpack the files from the archive to a directory of your choice. If you have already used an older version of the component, I suggest deleting the old one and unpacking the newer version into another directory. When you re-start NetObjects Fusion with a site containing the old component, you will be prompted to browse to the new location of the component. Choose the new version and the new component will be installed in NOF. Remember to close NOF before you install or update the components on your computer system!

When you delete a component from your computer system, you can no longer use it in NOF. If you delete a component which is currently used by any of your NOF-projects, you will be notified by NOF that this component will be deleted from your project.

If you need help with adding components to your projects, please refer to the instructions below. If you need more help, contact me personally. Have fun with my components!


How to Add Components to your Pages.






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